Air Cargo

As a general sales agent you need to know every detail of every cargo shipment instantly. From bookings to rate agreements, from flight data to CASS payment statuses, you want this information within arm’s length. And with HTA SOFTWARE’s Air Cargo Manager, that’s exactly what you get.

One hub

The Air Cargo Manager is the central, unified hub where all your mission critical data comes together. You can register, monitor, edit, search, print, report and share all the relevant details for all the flights, shipments and contracts you manage. As the application is cloud based (dedicated) all this information is available to you wherever you are whenever you need it.


Create and read air waybills, check flight status updates and set up flight booking lists for any airline.

Manage all your contacts and business relationships from within the same application.

Schedule appointments, create mailings and save all documents.

Use the backoffice’s fully customisable dynamic dashboard for updated information.

Customers using Air Cargo Manager

Software applications on premise or hosted



Hosted on Dutch servers



No plugins needed client side



Data encrypted

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